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Be Safe with Window Wells for Your Basement Small structures positioned outside ground-level/semi-basement windows that allow more light to enter and keep soil and water away from window are what window wells are. Basically, to drain the well, it stands a few feet or a meter deep and filled with a small layer of gravel. Window wells are at the same time decorative and practical. Installation of basement window well allows you to increase natural lighting in a lower level or basement and turn it in a comfortable place. If you’re thinking about remodeling your house, one of the most important factors to think about and consider is the safety of your home. After choosing the fabrics and matching colors for your house, take a minute to think about how safe your home really is. The installation of window wells in your basement is majorly for the purpose of safety. If there are occurrence of emergencies, the basement can serve a safe entrance for the emergency response team to be able to enter you house and an exit for you and your family can leave the house safely. The mesh cover is a type of window well and it is created with an expanded metal top. Keeping out debris and keeping children and pets safe are the main uses of this type of window well. It can have an unique vinyl coating applied, giving it extra durability against the elements. The other type of window wells that is ideal for its strength and durability is called the classic cover. Apart from that, this type of window well looks great in any type of landscape. It was made with a 2″ angle iron frame and.5″ square tubing, giving it the strength to hold over 750 lbs which is known as the InnerFIT system. That is why, installing basement window wells in your house today is the best thing to do and enjoy the comfort of knowing you are even more protected. You should know two important things first if you will install the window well by yourself. Permission from your local authorities is not needed if your window well installation project is just small in scale. However, if your project is on the larger scale, make sure that you comply with the relevant codes of building. Do not forget to check your window well for water accumulation. The gravel is there for the purpose of improving the drainage, however if the installation of the window well is poor or bad grade, it can basically produce the opposite effect.
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In installing the window well by yourself, you have to follow right instructions and steps for you to be successful. But always remember that a professional is just a call away to do the job for you and save you the trouble.News For This Month: Products