Natural, Stylish & Versatile – The Cowhide Rug

For decades, the influence of cowhide rugs in Ranch culture has sustained a heavy presence. Often a symbol of a Rancher’s affluence, these rugs serve a cornucopia of benefits as well as functional and home decor purposes.

Though people tend to patrol an invisible barrier when it comes to mixing decor styles, it is important to understand that even contemporarily elegant homes will look sophisticated with the incorporation of a cowhide rug. From modern to country decor, these rugs offer plenty of advantages while concurrently making a home look stunning.


Embracing a natural lifestyle is often the best route to take. While eating healthy is one thing, being mindful of natural decor is of equal importance. Cowhide rugs have been used in cultures, including Native American, since before the Native Americans in the fifteenth century, which allows them to sustain a cultural influence and guarantees that the process of creating these rugs is not harmful to the environment. Additionally, these rugs are incredibly versatile and do not necessarily need to be laid on the floor. In fact, this item adds artistic elements to any room when they are placed on a wall; they make a house a home when used as a throw over a sofa or chair. Regardless of the versatility of a cowhide rug, one factor makes them perhaps the most advantageous of all: Their durability.

Of course, leather comes from a cow, so there is no denying the correlation between a rug made of the same substance and a material that is said to be tough as nails. These rugs are not easily punctured or scuffed from too much foot traffic. The thickness of them allows them to support their durability while simultaneously surprising owners with a soft, pliable material. Naturally, the durability of these rugs allows them to be unable to harbor allergens, a factor that is ideal for those with seasonal allergies or pets that give way to frequent shedding. This attribute makes these rugs immensely easy to clean as well.

Easily able to be shaken out to remove excess fur or dirt, this home decor item is effortlessly able to be cleaned with a damp sponge, which makes it an ideal item for homes with children. Even if someone were to spill a beverage or food on a cowhide rug, mild soap and water will remove any budding stains effortlessly. The vast array of colors and patterns able to adorn these rugs will hide any prospective stains, too.

Convincingly, cowhide rugs are ideal for people with all tastes for home decor. The practicality of these runners makes them perfect for family homes or even single households containing a person who detests extensive cleaning. Advantageous in versatility, beauty, and for even health because they are hypoallergenic, these rugs will improve the quality and appeal of every home across the globe.