What Brings Advantages of Credit Card When Traveling End of Year?


Imagine the time you get around and around holiday destination with carrying cash in a bag. You certainly have to be extra careful during the trip so that the money stays safe. Paranoid flavor shadowing you when meeting strangers on the way because they have a strict vigil in order to keep the cash in a bag. Bring cash in large amounts even make someone an easy target of crime, for more information you can visit www.creditsguru.com

Carrying a credit card, fear of theft to the loss of cash would be reduced. Transactions using credit cards also safer because if there is a problem with your purchase, you can immediately call the issuing bank to cancel payment or get a replacement.

More Practical

It is certain transactions by credit card, the process becomes more practical. You just swipe on the machine after the completion of the transaction. No need to reach into the bag and took a long look for cash and save money returns to cause you hassles of counting money.

Sometimes carrying cash in large amounts it makes you confused when making payments and could lead to money scattered everywhere, to lead to the disappearance of your cash. However, bring enough cash is highly recommended because not all payments can be accepted by credit card. Such as pay for public transportation to explore destinations traveling.

More efficient


Who said traveling end of the year led to the waste? As long as they can manage the expenditure certainly would not be out of the budget. To be more targeted spending during traveling, you can use a credit card offerings of Bank Sinarmas namely Secure Credit Card. The advantages of this credit card is that you can set your own limits. Also, it helps you budget for traveling expenses corresponding financial capabilities. Thus, the term unbalanced budgeting does not apply in the dictionary on your way.

Expenditures during traveling can be controlled by checking through SimobiPlus applications contained in the mobile internet banking. Through the application, you can easily check the remaining credit card limit, even when there is an emergency need and you need additional limits, could add it immediately and do transfer limit via this application. The advantage of using Secure Credit Card Sinarmas when traveling not only that, when you pleasure abroad you also can save money because of the exchange rate attractive and affordable.

More Luck


It is common knowledge that likes to spread the credit card promotions and discounts. It can feel when you’re carrying credit card when traveling. For example, when visiting a place to eat, it was credit card you have cooperated with the restaurant in granting discounts. Well, herein lies the advantage. You can save money on eating a percentage due to take credit cards.

In addition, you are also entitled to a reward if certain transactions by credit card. These reward points can later be used for shopping in a number of merchants who cooperate with your credit card. Thus, your cash remains intact and can be used for other essential needs. Well, more profit is not it?