A Simple Plan For Researching Insulation


Get the value for your money by investing in aerolite ceiling insulation today. Frequent rise and drop in temperature can be controlled accurately and in turn keep your home fresh with little to spend on energy cost when using other insulation materials which may be even much expense to buy. You can bank on the durability of Aerolite ceiling insulation due to its intense nature, and therefore it is cheap in the long run. Some of the benefits attached to the use of Aerolite ceiling insulation are summarized below.

Minimization temperature change effects – You can create a favorable working condition or a relaxing atmosphere at your home by installing aerolite ceiling insulation which regulates your premise environment temperatures effectively without any further costs on energy bills which are unique characteristic with other typical roof insulation materials.

Aerolite is Non-Combustible – Non- combustible means that it does not burn quickly and this is made possible by the glass fiber in it. It has the highest fire ratings. The non-combustible property makes it appropriate for use where there is high-temperature requirement such as boilers. The presence of glass fiber adds important value to this type ceiling insulation.

Aerolite is Asbestos Free – Aerolite does not have any asbestos components, and therefore, it is environmentally friendly, and it is not a health hazard. In its compositions, it has 80% reused glass and sand. Aerolite has been in use for an extended period, and this means that many people have tried and tested its potential all over the world. This ceiling has a lifespan of about 50 years.

Climatic Zones and Aerolite – The climate conditions in a region can significantly affect the thickness of aerolite that one installs in his ceiling for insulation purposes. In cool places, you will require thick aerolite ceiling insulation.

Aerolite and Soundproofing – Apart from its work in thermo-regulation, Aerolite is also an excellent material to create a sound proof environment. Establishing aerolite on the walls and roof of your apartment will ensure that you are not affected by the sounds from outside. Likewise, any sound that comes from the inside cannot pass through to the outside. Aerolite has sound absorbing properties which makes it work efficiently for sound proof purposes.

Cost effective – Aerolite is a one-time ceiling insulation. It complies with current environmental laws regarding roof insulation. The benefits may be in monetary terms or non-monetary terms. You will have a long lasting solution for ceiling insulation.

No effects on the ozone layer – Aerolite does not have greenhouse gases that can affect the ozone layer. Aerolite does not damage the layer in any way. Aerolite does not have any (ODP) ozone depletion potential. Aerolite does not have chemicals associated with ozone layer depletion.

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