What Is Involved In a Septic Inspection?

A septic inspection should happen every one to three years, and any time property is being sold that has a septic tank on the land. It is in your best interest to know the condition of the septic system before purchasing a property. Below are a few of things a septic inspector looks for when making a determination about condition and compliance.

Provide the last Date of Emptying the Septic System

Try and locate the last date the septic system emptied out if you have recently purchased the property. It will help the inspector determine if emptying the system is necessary. Taking a measurement of the sludge can also provide the required information to form an opinion on the urgent need to empty the system.

Inspector Will Check if the Wastewater Is Making It Into the Groundwater

A visual inspection of the ground will reveal if any solid waste has made it up to ground level. It is also measured by checking the baffles inside the tank. If there is caked on solid waste, the level has gotten too high, and the possibility exists of an overflow that allowed the local water to become somewhat contaminated at some point.

Distance from Wells or Open Bodies of Water

The septic system is required to sit a considerable distance from any water wells and to stand, open bodies of water. It makes accidental overflow and contamination more difficult.

Is It the Proper Size for the Household?

A home that consists of four-bedrooms is required to have a tank of at least 1,200 gallons. When the home is packed with people, the tank has to increase in size exponentially. Without a large enough tank, it is a guarantee an overflow will happen in the future.

Ensure the Tank and Parts are In Good Working Condition

An operational septic tank must not have any leaks, cracks, and all doors, covers, baffles, and pipes should be secured and in good condition. Any damaged or faulty parts need replacing to pass inspection.

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