You are about to embark on an entrepreneurial venture

You are about to embark on an entrepreneurial venture — janitorial services. This is an important task. Many businesses rely on cleaning services to maintain the health of their employees and the look of their spaces for guests and upper management. A business that smells and looks clean tends to draw more clients.

The Needed Supplies

To take on this task you need to think ahead and purchase supplies. Not only do they need to be powerful but also efficient. Anything which can be cleaned and reused is a bonus as it helps your bottom line. Here are a few recommendations.

Wiping Rags

The most important items in your custodial supplies toolkit are wiping rags. New ones can cost a good deal. Since you’re just starting out, focus on reused textiles.

Companies like Reclaimed Textiles sell repurposed wiping rags in bulk. Since you can’t use one type of rag for all surfaces, you want to purchase a combination of terry and knit materials. Basically, you need non-abrasive rags which absorb moisture and dirt. Furthermore, they should be easily cleaned for multiple uses.

Cleaning Agents

Go for all-natural cleaning solutions. Though they cost a little more, the agents aren’t as caustic to surfaces. In addition, they prevent workers from getting sick due to the overwhelming chemical odors. Don’t be afraid to spend some money on these. Word of mouth on the products you use should result in a Return on Investment (ROI) when other companies hire you.

Dust-Free Vacuum

Carpets and floors hold much of the bacteria which cause illnesses in the workplace. You want a vacuum with filters that don’t spread the dirt it collects back into the air as a fine dust. Whether it’s a bag-based or canister vacuum, ensure the dirt collector is properly secured, removed, and cleaned in an outside area.

Buy Now, Not Later

Going cheap when you first start may result in a lack of business. Invest now for a constant increase in your client base.